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Smooth opening master batch M1002

Characteristic: Compliant with standard: ROHS standard</br> (1) Good dispersibility, can achieve uniform lubrication in blown film products without fogging</br> (2) Good compatibility with polymers</br> (3) Good thermal stability, high temperature lubricity, low volatility, non decomposition, and non discoloration</br> (4) Not damaging the physical properties of the end product, such as strength, aging resistance, transparency, etc</br> (5) Does not cause color migration</br> (6) Non toxicity: Can come into direct contact with food and comply with FDA standards in the United States (LD50>5000MG/KG for rats)</br>

Defoaming and water absorbing masterbatch M1013

Appearance: 3mm × 3mm off white circular plate composition: carrier+additives</br> Characteristics: Effectively absorb water from plastic during production, completely eliminate</br> Due to moisture causing blisters and surface defects in plastic products, the product is significantly improved</br> Quality and production quality and production efficiency</br>

Efficient and environmentally friendly flame retardant masterbatch M1014

Appearance: 3mm × 4mm light beige cylindrical or round particles</br> Composition: Environmentally friendly composite bromine series, red phosphorus, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium flame retardant</br> Characteristics: Strong high-temperature resistance, high flame retardant effect, good dispersibility and dust-free, flame retardant grade can reach UL94V-0</br>

PP cooling masterbatch M1006

Features:</br> Adding 1-3% cooling masterbatch during PP processing can reduce the processing temperature of PP by 25-35 degrees Celsius</br> 2. After adding cooling masterbatch, it can improve the quality of PP film blowing, bag weaving, injection molding, PP pipes, and other products</br> 3. Reduce power consumption and improve the operating environment during the processing of PP products after adding cooling masterbatch</br>


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