Gradually increasing requirements for color masterbatches in plastic products

With the promotion and popularization of "high-performance plastic materials" nowadays, the requirements for color masterbatches in plastic products are not only limited to the level of "coloring". Many plastic related industries have also put forward corresponding requirements for color masterbatches based on the different products themselves, which enables color masterbatch producers to develop a series of color masterbatch products with multiple composite functions according to the market and application. That is to say, the color masterbatch product not only provides the function of plastic coloring, but also provides functional characteristics such as "aging resistance", "heat resistance", "antibacterial", "enhancement", etc. according to the application of plastic products. Below, based on the different main additional functions that black masterbatches can provide, we will classify and elaborate on which industrial applications black masterbatches provide irreplaceable assistance in our actual lives.
1、 UV protection for automotive manufacturing: Nowadays, plastics are widely used in the automotive industry. In the interior and exterior decorations of cars, such as the beautiful center console painted like a piano, the matte imitation leather dashboard, and the sturdy and energy-efficient bumper, all have the contribution of black masterbatch. It not only provides excellent color performance for the above car interior decorations, but also serves as a protective umbrella for plastic parts of cars with its own characteristics as the most commonly used ultraviolet absorbing material, Prevent UV damage to these beautiful car components. Pipe materials for urban construction and agricultural irrigation: The ongoing urban pipeline network renovation and the national energy-saving and emission reduction projects for agricultural irrigation are also widely used in the color masterbatch industry. Such as municipal water supply pipes, gas supply pipes, and agricultural water-saving drip irrigation pipes in the western region. Color masterbatch not only provides coloring performance for these pipes, but also provides functions such as UV protection and antioxidant protection.
Wire and cable industry:
Color masterbatches are widely used in plastic sheath materials for high-voltage overhead cables, communication cables, optical cables, and other cables, which have the effect of resisting oxygen and ultraviolet radiation.
Color masterbatches are also widely used in the geotextile and geogrid industries for laying highways, playing a role in UV resistance and increasing the lifespan of geotextiles.
2、 Manufacturing of electronic appliances with electrostatic protection function:
For the microelectronics industry, the presence of static electricity is extremely harmful, as it can breakdown capacitors and damage electronic circuit boards. If not handled properly, it can even cause hidden dangers such as fire due to circuit short circuits. We can fundamentally solve the problem of electrostatic hazards by utilizing the conductivity of the black pigment - "carbon black". For example, the plastic pallets and conductive carriers used in electronic factories are produced by adding sufficient amounts of conductive black motherboard to achieve the required electrostatic conductivity and protect the safety of electronic components.
Mining industry:
Similarly, in the process of mining, the harm of static electricity is even greater. It is the main culprit causing gas explosions. Therefore, many underground facilities require conductivity, but the vast majority of plastic is non-conductive. By adding conductive black matrix, these non-conductive plastics have conductivity, thus avoiding the harm of static electricity and achieving the goal of safe production.
Of course, in addition to the applications mentioned above, black masterbatch also has various other uses. For example, people use carbon black pigment to have excellent covering properties. In the process of plastic recycling, black masterbatch is added to cover other colors, achieving the goal of waste utilization and resource conservation. For example, people use the high light blocking properties of carbon black in the production of milk film, which hinders sunlight and achieves a pseudo photodegradation effect, protecting milk and allowing it to be stored for longer periods of time.
The widespread application of black motherboard in the plastic industry is closely related to our daily lives. And with the development of China's plastic industry in recent years, the color masterbatch industry has also achieved gratifying results. At the same time, people have gradually realized that it is like an auxiliary material in a feast for plastic processing, and its role cannot be underestimated. Although it is used in small amounts, it is also a dynamic and comprehensive factor.


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Gradually increasing requirements for color masterbatches in plastic products

With the promotion and popularization of "high-performance plastic materials" nowadays, the requirements for color masterbatches in plastic products are not only limited to the level of "coloring"