New cooling masterbatch dedicated to reducing greenhouse temperature with plastic film

Recently, according to local Israeli media, field experiments have confirmed that the greenhouse film produced by Tosaf company's IR8783PE cooling masterbatch has excellent cooling effectiveness. Compared with traditional plastic film, the film with special formula can reduce the temperature in greenhouse by at least 5 ℃.
The IR8783PE color masterbatch is specially designed for greenhouse films, aiming to reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse and provide a better growth environment for tropical plants. Researchers claim that the film produced by incorporating IR8783PE masterbatch can effectively block near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and prevent sudden temperature increases in the greenhouse. At the same time, the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) required for plant growth can pass through the film and enter the greenhouse without being affected.
This new type of film can adjust the temperature difference, providing a constant temperature environment for plant growth, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of significant temperature rise during the day and sudden temperature drop at night, and has advantages that traditional films cannot compare. Tosaf stated that the IR8783PE color masterbatch is suitable for single-layer, three-layer, and 5-layer greenhouse films, and can incorporate 5% of this substance into every 200 microns of film.
Industry insiders say that planting plants in tropical and subtropical regions is more difficult. Due to the influence of high temperature weather, the production capacity of plant pollen has significantly decreased. To solve this problem, local growers often apply white paint to traditional plastic films for shade. However, this approach not only increases labor costs, but also hinders the entry of PARs and affects plant growth.
Tosaf Company was founded in 1985 and is a well-known manufacturer of color masterbatches in Israel. The company has nine production bases in Israel, Türkiye, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the Netherlands, with more than 800 employees.
Tosaf's main products include mineral synthetic materials used in plastics and automobile production, light stabilizers, flame retardants and color masterbatches used in films, PC sheets, pipes, and foamed plastics.


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