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Black masterbatch 2015

This product uses imported high pigment carbon black and functional additives, combined with special raw materials as the carrier, and is processed through twin screws<br/> Made by high-speed mixing in an extruder. High black, bright, easy to disperse, can achieve a high gloss mirror effect<br/> Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and smokeless, the product has a smooth and shiny surface, stable color, and good toughness<br/> There will be no color spots or streaks<br/>

High gloss black masterbatch M-AS2017

Base material: S AN Reference dosage: 1% -4% Effective content: 100% Packaging: 25kg/bag</br> Appearance: 3 * 3mm black cylindrical particles Composition: oil soluble black powder+SAN base material+additives</br> Characteristics: This product is a high gloss black variety, free of carbon black, with good impact strength, without changing the original properties of plastic, and has stable product dimensions. When in use</br> It can make the surface of plastic products present a high blackness, high gloss effect like a mirror</br>

PET black masterbatch 2022

Base material: PET reference dosage: 1% -4% Effective content: ≥ 40% Packaging: 25kg/bag</br> Appearance: 3 * 4 circular particles Composition: carbon black+PET base material+additives</br> Characteristics: This product is specifically designed for dyeing PET plastic products, using well-known pigments with high effective content</br> The color is bright and saturated, resistant to high temperature, migration, and good dispersibility. The surface is smooth, black, shiny, and spotless</ br> It has good compatibility, dispersibility, and stability when used</ br>

EVA black masterbatch 605

Appearance: 3 * 3 black round particles Composition: pigment+EVA+additives</br> Usage: Mix it with plastic in proportion to achieve good results.</br>


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