Future development direction of color masterbatch

Color masterbatch is a new product for coloring plastics and fibers developed in the 1960s. It is a polymer composite made by uniformly attaching pigments to resins in a super constant amount; The United States refers to it as pigment concentrate or pigment preparation. The main components of color masterbatch are colorants, carriers, and dispersants. According to the purpose of color masterbatches, currently China can produce plastic injection molding color masterbatches, blowing film color masterbatches, fiber color masterbatches, and multi-functional color masterbatches.  
There are 330 enterprises in China that produce color masterbatches, including 300 plastic grade color masterbatch factories and 30 fiber grade color masterbatch factories. These color masterbatch factories are mainly distributed in provinces and cities such as Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Liaoning, Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei, etc. There are nearly 50 enterprises in China with an annual production capacity of over 1000 tons of color masterbatches. The national production capacity of color masterbatches is 300000 tons per year, and the demand for color masterbatches in China was less than 120000 tons in 2001. The severe overcapacity of production capacity has led to a general shortage of construction in the domestic color masterbatch industry, except for factors such as rapid growth of new production facilities and insufficient product orders; One important factor is the single structure and incomplete variety of domestic color masterbatch products, with a large proportion of universal products, while the proportion of high concentration and ultra-high concentration, multi-functional color masterbatches and fine denier fiber color masterbatches is relatively small. On the other hand, countries with higher levels of color masterbatch technology have a complete variety of raw materials such as pigments and dispersants, and have formed a serialized and specialized product structure.  
According to relevant information, the average annual growth rate of demand for color masterbatches in other countries in Asia is about 7-9%, while China's average annual growth rate for color masterbatches is about 20%. It is expected that China's demand will reach 150000 tons in 2002; In 2005, the demand will reach 228000 tons; China will become the market with the fastest growing demand for color masterbatches. Especially for color and additive masterbatches, China relies on imports. China has become the largest producer and consumer of color masterbatch markets in the Asian region.  
In terms of variety development, Chinese color masterbatch manufacturers have developed color masterbatches for fibers, films, wires and cables, polyolefin, PVC, and injection molded products. Experts believe that in the future, color masterbatches will develop towards versatility, high color content, and high technological content. Our country's color master batch production enterprises should improve the technical content of their products, promote the development of color master batch products towards high-quality direction, develop more new products as soon as possible, expand the application fields of color master batch products, and make multi-functional and high-tech color master batch products fully meet the needs of the market and all downstream users in the country, in order to remain invincible in the competition.


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