Southeast Asia Becomes a New Engine for the Global Plastic Industry

The global plastic industry is developing rapidly. With the gradual intensification of the eastward shift of the world economic center, the performance of Southeast Asia in the plastic industry has become increasingly eye-catching. The low labor and operating costs have led more and more multinational manufacturers to consider Southeast Asia as their preferred choice for establishing production bases. Thanks to this, the development of automotive, packaging, electronics, and various mid to high-end application fields in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam has continued to grow, effectively driving the demand for plastics and rubber in downstream industries. In addition, the global wave of green manufacturing is setting higher standards for the plastic industry, and the development of green plastics has become an arrow on the string, which is imperative.
As the largest rubber and plastic industry exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, the "CHINAPLAS 2013 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" (the 27th China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition) will be held from May 20 to 23, 2013 at the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall in Pazhou, Guangzhou, China, becoming the most powerful exhibition platform for the plastic and rubber processing industry and its application fields in Southeast Asia. In 2012, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia were all the top 10 countries with the highest export value of plastic machinery from China. This year, the organizers will attract over 1700 exhibitors to showcase rubber and plastic machinery and auxiliary and processing equipment, including blow molding machines, extruders, injection molding machines, rubber processing machinery, and more. In addition, this exhibition will welcome over 2900 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions around the world to gather together, creating a grand stage of rubber and plastic high-tech for domestic and foreign visitors. In addition to the exhibition halls in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, China, Türkiye, the United Kingdom, the United States, China and Taiwan, China, the Swiss and Singapore pavilions have been updated, and about 500 new exhibitors have participated in the exhibition, including Fred, Jiangsu Star A, Blount, Jiyi, Dongguan Enma, Kerui, Jiang Tian and Star Bell, with the largest scale in the past years.
To meet the needs of buyers in packaging, electronics and other industries in Southeast Asia, the organizer has added a "Film Technology Zone" to showcase high-precision film production equipment and lines, such as blown film extrusion production lines, flat film extrusion production lines, stretching operation lines for film/filament, film printing machinery, film stretching measurement equipment, auxiliary equipment for extrusion film production lines, and other film processing technologies. At that time, many famous film enterprises will appear, including Shanghai Kunzhong, Sanxia Jingji, Hanwang, Kunxin, Shanghong, McRao, Benton, Andritz and Atlas.
In addition to establishing a new themed zone, the organizer has also expanded the area of the "Mold and Processing Equipment Zone" by 18% compared to the previous session. The special area is located in Hall 3.2 and 4.2 on the second floor of Zone A of the exhibition hall, and there will be more than 200 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, including Longji, Yibin Pushi Mould, Huangyan Xinuo, Jingcheng Mould, Master, Liudao, Hashis, Maxteff, Hard Shell, Zhejiang Keda, Shanghai Plastic Hot Runner, ZEISS Optical Instrument, Huangyan Huida Mould, and Hixkon Measurement, As well as the Hong Kong and Taiwan exhibition groups composed of the Hong Kong Mold Association and the Taiwan Mold Industry Association, they jointly showcase a diverse range of molds and processing equipment, such as blow molds, CAD-CAM, extrusion mold heads, hot runner systems, cleaning equipment, clamping systems and strong couplings, injection molds and compression molds, mold fixing equipment, mold standard parts, mold structures, and mold steel.
Given the increasing demand for bioplastics in Southeast Asia, the number of exhibitors in the bioplastics section has also increased by 20% this year, with well-known exhibitors including Jinfa, Haizheng, Yikeman, Bugao Tongmei, Wuhan Huali, NatureWorks, Biao Ge, Guanghua Weiye, Xinfu, and Jinxiang. The exhibits of bioplastics include PLA, PHA, PBS, PA610, PA1010, bio based PE, and biodegradable plastics.
In addition, to facilitate more efficient procurement by professional buyers, the organizers have specifically categorized suppliers based on the type of exhibits and established a new themed product display area in the "Chemical and Raw Materials Zone". The pigment and color masterbatch companies will be concentrated in Hall 9.3 of Zone B, while the additive companies will be concentrated in Hall 10.3 of the same zone. At that time, more than 170 related suppliers will make appearances, including Liwang Chemical, Guangdong Meilian, Orion, Hongda, Shandong Xurui, Denghua Chemical, Xunizi, Guangzhou Chenghe, Qujing Zhongyi Fine Chemical, Suzhou Boyun, and Shanghai Yunhe. The organizer believes that this new arrangement will provide a more effective and centralized one-stop platform for buyers interested in purchasing additives, pigments, and color masterbatches.


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