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  • Commodity name: Luminous powder M199
  • Item number: M199
  • Shelf time: 2016-05-31
  • Views : 164

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Appearance: conventional luminous powder appearance is yellow green (yellow green), the average particle size is 3-20um.

Composition: calcium sulfide + monosulfide+Sodium sulfide +
Barium nitrate +Indium nitrate (different colors, different formulations)

Characteristics: color Huang Lvguang, basic blue and green and blue light three. Color luminous powder yellow green luminous powder adding fluorescent pigment preparation, the main color is orange red, pink, yellow, blue, green and purple.

Recommended adding amount: 0.8%-2% (special process depends on the trial version of the deployment)

Scope: plastic, rubber, silicone rubber, plastics, leather industry: light emitting switch, a button, a handle, toys, crafts, gifts, shoes accessories, costume jewelry, raincoat, safety helmet, stationery, labor supplies, such as, and has decoration function of all kinds of ornaments, layering, anti slip strip, crash barriers, such as labor activities.

Ceramic, enamel, glass industry: products are widely used in industrial, hydrology, transportation, property, and other scenic spots, fire, safety warning, towns, rural public welfare undertakings, decoration, building materials, traffic signals, road signs, aisle indicator, arts and crafts.

Paint, paint, ink industry: manufactured goods can be used in the road test, building, exterior wall decoration, emergency signs, decoration, decoration, crafts, etc..

Arts and crafts industry: light emitting craft painting, luminous crystal balls, luminous glassware, luminous crystal sand, luminous pottery, luminescent ceramics, luminous amber, luminous imitation jade product, luminescence in Book Arts and crafts.

Special printing industry: all kinds of light ink, printing paste, foaming paste, ceramic decals, glass decals etc..

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