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High light black powder (not containing carbon black)OB2
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High light black powder (not containing carbon black)OB2

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Appearance: dark brown powder composition: pigment

Features: raw material environmental protection, through the international quality and safety testing, stable performance, high gloss, high concentration, does not affect the product performance and organizational structure, and can effectively absorb uv.

Black oil is the company for some high-quality, high light black, high-grade products and independently developed a does not contain carbon black element and blackness than its concentration several times new material. Can be divided into red phase, blue phase. Its appearance may not be black, but when it is added to the raw materials in hot melt molding, product color is absolutely high black highlights! Other non carbon black pigment can be compared!

Other physical and chemical properties: slight odor melting 220-300 DEG C, the proportion of /3min 1620-1820kg/m3 application temperature 140~260 DEG C water rate less than or equal to 0.2 percent solubility: insoluble in water

The color is less than or equal to 0.5 resistance (resistance to migration) more than 5 level

Scope of application: PS, PC, as, PC, PMMA, pet, ABS and other plastic injection, pumping tablets and other hot-melt molding products (toy eyes, cosmetics, food, electrical appliances, such as plastic products, such as coloring, the appearance of high-grade plastic products achieve high emissivity, high light effect.

Recommended adding amount: 0.4%-0.8% (special process depends on the trial version of the deployment)

Packing: 25KG/ barrel

Storage: stored in a dry, cool environment, do not use sealed packaging to prevent contamination and avoid sunlight exposure, moisture.

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