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Pearlescent MasterbatchM-298
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Pearlescent MasterbatchM-298

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Meidi series M-298 pearlescent masterbatch choose 800 mesh pearlescent pigment and special polyethylene resin and special additives, by high energy mixing water cut grain. Pearlescent pigment content 25%


Appearance: 3 3mm x color cylinder or circular particles (red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver and other can be deployed)


Scope of application: suitable for most thermal resinInjection molding, granulation, plate. Blown film, wire, pipeSuch process.


And other process usage: the raw material can be mixed evenly with the production quantity: recommended dosage 1%-4% (depending on the product requirements)


Technical parameters: the bulk density of 25 "950kg/m3 C" "130-350" C "" means: 15g/10min water: 0.001% temperature resistance: 190-250


Packing: 25kg/ bag, paper plastic composite bag (can be customized according to customer requirements)


Note: the above data is not used as a specific technical specification, its basic experimental data, only as a reference for the performance of this product.


Meidi plastic pigments Limited company welcome you to negotiate.

[supplementary knowledge]

 the principle of color pearlescent pigment
Cross section of pearlescent pigment is similar to that of the physical structure of the Pearl. The kernel is low optical refractive index of mica, wrapped in the outer layer is the metal oxides of high refractive index, such as titanium oxide or iron oxide.

Applied under the ideal condition, the pearlescent pigments are uniformly dispersed in the coating, and parallel to the material surface forming a multilayer distribution and presence of pearls in the same, the incident light will by multiple reflections, interference reflects the pearlescent effect.

Organic and inorganic pigment and an optical reflection type metal pigment and conventional optical absorption compared, the principle of the fineness of the pearlescent pigments are completely different, so the effect is unique. Pearlescent pigment is the main representative of three feet above the full optical interference pigments.

Pearlescent pigments with particles of different sizes, the effect is different in use. In general, the larger particles, scintillation effect stronger, and on the background of the hiding power is weak; on the contrary, the particles smaller, on the background of the hiding power is strong, gloss more gentle.

Change the thickness of the metal oxide, or the type of metal oxide, will bring color changes.

Maddie reminder:

Please the buyer orders in detail before consulting service, such as intention, to the customer requirements 200-300 grams of sample trial version (limited to color masterbatch, freight to be buyers themselves). Debugging process such as non expected, please inform, Meidi technology consultant will sincerely help your products to achieve the best effect.

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