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ntiaging Masterbatch M1008

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Appearance: 3mm * 4mm light beige cylinder or round: universal carrier + additives (antioxidant and light stabilizer)

Characteristics: consistent with standard: Rosh; can effectively absorb and reflect most of the ultraviolet ray function, according to the outdoor PP, PE and other plastic products, greatly restrain plastic products in outdoor use by ultraviolet radiation caused by decomposition, prolong the service life of the outdoor products.

Specific performance as:
Can effectively reduce the decomposition of polyolefin plastics in the process of processing finished products due to thermal oxidation;

The decomposition of polyolefin plastic products in the process of using UV irradiation is greatly slowed down;

3 is not in use, the filling stuff, to 4% the proportion of adding antiaging masterbatch, the production of plastic products in the outdoor life generally reached more than a year and a half.

Other physical and chemical properties: slight odor melting point 11.5g/10min (2.16kg/190 DEG C) the proportion of 1650kg/m3 application temperature from 120 to 250 DEG C water rate is less than or equal to 0.2% can dissolve insoluble in water color difference is less than or equal to 0.2 migration resistance is greater than or equal to 7

Note: the above basic data is only used as a reference for the performance of this product and is not used as a specific technical specification.

Recommended add: 2~4%

Applicable scope: PP, PE and other plastic film blowing, injection molding and extrusion
Storage: stored in a dry, cool environment, do not use sealed packaging to prevent contamination and avoid sunlight exposure, moisture.

Packing: 25KG/ bag

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