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Tackifier Masterbatch M1009A

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Appearance: 3mm x 3mm slightly transparent white cylinder or prills adhering particles: carrier + additives, which increased adhesive content is 60 + 2%

Features: with a good lap adhesive and peel viscosity, product quality and stability, in compliance with the ROHS standard, the use of good results. The specific performance is that the quantity is little, the cost is low, and the film is rolled up well, the end face is neat, the viscosity is high, the adhesive layer is uniform, and the film strength is enhanced. Clean and tidy environment. Can be used for food packaging.

Other physical and chemical properties: smell no melt index (2.16kg/190 DEG C proportion 900-930kg/m3 application temperature from 120 to 250 DEG C water rate is less than or equal to 0.1% 11.5g/10min solubility: insoluble in water
The color is less than or equal to 0.3-0.8% resistance (resistance to migration) more than 7 level

Recommended adding amount: 2-4% (special process depends on the trial version of the deployment)

Scope of application: it is mainly used for the production all kinds of PE, LDPE and LLDPE or other kinds of polyolefin tensile stretch film since the mucosal for self-adhesive film such as industrial stretch film, grass winding film, film, protective film, fresh keeping film. Added increase sticking masterbatch and LLDPE resin simply even blend, especially suitable for the pipeline conveying industrial raw material production and individual machine continuous mass production.

Instructions for use: to obtain good cohesiveness, when in use, resin cannot contain any cool slip agent and opening agent, so as not to affect the tackifier normal exudation. Depending on the type and thickness of the film, the amount of added amount should be adjusted accordingly. Achieve good adhesion performance requires the leakage time is 24-72 hours. Mixing time to join.
Packing: 25kg bag, PP woven bag or paper bag.
Storage: stored in ventilated and dry place, av

oid the sun, rain, high temperature and pressure. Such as after unpacking did not run out, the remaining material with the rope.

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