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White masterbatch

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Meidi series M-1070 White Masterbatch using ordinary titanium dioxide powder and whitening agent and special polyethylene resin and special additives, high energy dense mixer and twin - screw extrusion water-cooling granulating made of anatase titanium dioxide content of 70% by


Appearance: 3 x 3mm Round particles applicable scope: applicable to most of the heat of the resin injection, pumping tablets plate. Blown film, wire, pipe and other process.


Usage: mix with raw materials to produce a uniform amount of production: the recommended amount of 1%-4% (depending on the product requirements)


Technical parameters: the bulk density of 25 "950kg/m3 C" "130-350" C "" means: 15g/10min water: 0.001% temperature resistance: 190-250


Packing: 25kg/ bag, polyethylene sealing bag or white paper plastic composite bag (can be customized according to customer requirements)


Storage: store in a cool dry place. Avoid blasting bask in the rain.


Note: the above data are not used for specific technical specifications, the basic experimental data, just as the product performance reference. Meidi Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. welcome you, to call


Maddie reminder:
Please buyers orders before with the advisory service, if you are interested, it is recommended to take 1-2 kg trial version. Debugging process such as non expected, please inform, Meidi technology consultant will sincerely help your products to achieve the best effect.

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