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Sharp titanium white masterbatch
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Sharp titanium white masterbatch

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Appearance: 3mm x 3mm white cylinder or granular composition: pigment (anatase titanium dioxide) + carrier (PE) + additives, titanium dioxide content of 35%


Features: high hiding power, excellent dispersion, in compliance with ROHS standards, color stability, clean environment, easy storage, production process is simple.


Other physical and chemical properties: smell no melting point 11.5g/10min (2.16kg/190 DEG C) the proportion of 1150kg/m3 application temperature from 120 to 250 DEG C water rate is less than or equal to 0.1% solubility: insoluble in water
The color is less than or equal to 0.2 resistance (resistance to migration) more than 7 level



Note: the above basic data is only used as a reference for the performance of this product and is not used as a specific technical specification.


Suitable for: PP, PE and ABS blown film, cast film, sheet, injection molding process. (another can be customized for different base materials)


Recommended adding amount: 1-4% (special process depends on the trial version of the deployment)


The company uses the world famous plant pigments, has been identified by the SGS body, non-toxic in line with international standards. The introduction of masterbatch production technology market the most advanced set of equipment with internal mixer.



Maddie reminder:
Please the buyer orders in detail before consulting service, such as intention, to the customer requirements 200-300 grams of sample trial version (limited to color masterbatch, freight to be buyers themselves). Debugging process such as non expected, please inform, Meidi technology consultant will sincerely help your products to achieve the best effect.

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