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The use of toner is more economical than color masterbatch

  In most cases, people will think to spend more than the color masterbatch toner. But today Xiaobian will cite some use toner color but not masterbatch more economic case, the reason is very simple, low prices of several pigments combination will form a high price for pigment effect.

  There are two kinds of situations will also prove that the use of color is more affordable:

1, color toner need to paint, but manufacturers of plastic products for the pigment is not familiar with, pigment economy cannot be determined, repeated color matching experiments. The results will form a common human and material waste, which is in many cases will occur, instead using color mother won't have this phenomenon.
2, because the color masterbatch coloring products from grade and pastel colored products compared to is not a grade, so product price will more high. High prices tend to be larger than the product use masterbatch increase the cost, so that the color masterbatch coloring is more economic.