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The difference between powder and color masterbatch masterbatch?

  Color masterbatch is toner and resin made of granular materials, also includes some processing additives and fillers, relatively easy to use, no color, clean, and the cost is high but high efficiency. While the master powder should be toner powder is prepared pigments and some additives mixed together, low prices


What is the color?

  Color is the extraordinary amount of pigment uniformly loaded and attached to the resin prepared aggregates.
The use of color masterbatch has the following advantages:

1Make work in process (WIP) pigment has better dispersion of masterbatch production process shall be for pigment refining processing, to enhance the pigment dispersion and tinting strength. Carrier and products of special Masterbatch plastic varieties are the same, with good matching, heating and melting of pigment particles can be well dispersed in plastic products.

2,To keep the chemical stability of the pigment pigments are used directly, due to the storage and use in the process of pigment are in direct contact with the air, pigments can of water absorption, oxidation occurs, and fineness of the queen mother, because of carrier resin paint and air, water separation can make pigment quality will remain unchanged for a long time.

3. To guarantee the similar product color stable color masterbatch particles and resin particles, in the measurement more accurate and convenient, mixed does not adhere to a container, and resin mixed uniformly, so you can ensure stability of the adding amount of, so as to ensure the stability of the color of the product. 

4 protect the operator's health pigment is generally powder, easy to add and mix when flying, the body will affect the health of the human body after inhalation. 

5 keep the environment clean

The use of 6 basic components which are convenient Color Masterbatch? 


The basic ingredients for Color Masterbatch: 

  1 pigments or dyes are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments

Commonly used organic pigments: Red phthalocyanine, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, fast scarlet, large molecular red, macromolecules yellow, permanent yellow, violet, azo red.
Commonly used inorganic pigments are: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.

2 vector is the matrix of masterbatch. Special masterbatch generally choose with resin product of the same resin as carrier, both has the best compatibility, but also to consider the carrier mobility. 

3 dispersing agent to cause the pigment to disperse evenly and no longer aggregate, the dispersing agent's melting point should be lower than the resin, has the good compatibility with the resin, and the pigment has the good affinity. The most commonly used dispersant is: low molecular weight polyethylene wax, stearic acid salt.

4. Additives such as flame retardant, increasing bright, antibacterial, antistatic, antioxidant varieties, unless the customer requests, general masterbatch does not contain the additive. 


What color variety and grade?


Masterbatch classification methods commonly used are the following: according to the classification of the carrier, such as PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, ABS Color Masterbatch, PVC color masterbatch, EVA Masterbatch等 


By type: injection blow molding masterbatch, masterbatch, masterbatch spinning etc.. Varieties can be divided into different levels, such as:

1. Senior injection masterbatch for cosmetics packaging box, toys, electrical enclosures and other advanced products.
2 ordinary injection masterbatch for general household plastic products, industrial containers etc..
3 senior film masterbatch for blow molding coloring ultra-thin products.
4 ordinary film masterbatch for blow molding coloring general packing bag, woven bag.
5. Spinning color masterbatch for coloring the textile fiber spinning, the pigment particles of fine, high concentration, strong coloring, heat-resistant, light fastness.


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