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"Development of products" color masterbatch to……

"Development of products" color masterbatch to help the industry 

色母粒  Recently, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation said publicly, masterbatch industry should be classified plastic products industry, this should is the first set a precedent that move a and in the industry caused no small sensation, the main reason is a lot of people in the industry did not accept such classification.


  According to the global plasticizing reports, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation last week formally public opinion: according to the classification of national economic industries ", masterbatch industry should be classified as thirty plastic products industry, the class 309, small class 3090 other plastic products manufacturing.


  The color really can &ldquo products;”

 This the name is "on the masterbatch industry belonging to consult the reply" file pointed out, masterbatch production process is typical of the plastics processing.


  Process, refers to the production process involves only physical mixing, no chemical reactions occur.

 This words say yes, masterbatch is a synthetic resin as a carrier (such as PE, PP, ABS, pet, PA) and a certain amount of pigment and a small amount of dispersant are mixed, by extrusion granulation method into. The production process includes heating, mixing, cooling and granulation.


  However, this can prove the plastic masterbatch is in fact, this is not important?. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association's intention is very clear, is to help masterbatches enterprise avoid & quot; unnecessary trouble."

 As a chemical enterprise, color masterbatch manufacturer by the strict management of the relocation of enterprises, labor safety assessment, exports, such as the various aspects. As color masterbatch, chemical products, plastic products than pay higher taxes.

 According to the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, masterbatch production industry no significant chemical safety hazards, there had never been a serious production safety accidents. Masterbatch production enterprises without " waste " emissions, has never caused environmental pollution accident.


  Association hopes to help promote the development of the industry is understandable, but the logic is indeed not quite consistent with practice.

 Masterbatches industry in our country is in the stage of rapid development, and will become Asia's largest consumer of masterbatch, in this trend, masterbatches enterprise how to achieve the transformation, keep up with the development pace, let we see the government will be how to adopt this public opinion.