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A new type of cooling Masterbatch plastic film is committed to reducing greenhouse temperature

A new type of cooling Masterbatch plastic film is committed to reducing greenhouse temperature

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2020/03/17 11:42
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R8783PE masterbatch designed for greenhouse film attracted to build, is for the purpose of reducing the temperature inside the greenhouse, 

R8783PE masterbatch designed for greenhouse film attracted to build, is for the purpose of reducing the temperature inside the greenhouse, plants in tropical regions provide better growing environment. Into the IR8783PE masterbatch production film can effectively block the near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and prevent greenhouse temperatures rise suddenly, say researchers. At the same time, the effective radiation (PAR), which is needed for plant growth, can be passed through the film into the greenhouse and is not affected.      

The new film can adjust the temperature difference, providing a constant temperature environment for plant growth, can effectively avoid the sharp temperature rise during the day, the phenomenon of sudden cooling at night, with the incomparable superiority of traditional film. Tosaf said pigment of IR8783PE applicable in single layer, three layer and 5 layer film greenhouse, each 200 microns thin film can be integrated into the 5% of the material. 

  The industry said that the tropical and subtropical areas of growing plants are more difficult. Due to the impact of high temperature weather, plant pollen production capacity decreased significantly. In order to solve this problem, local growers often apply white paint in the traditional plastic film on shading. However, the practice has not only increased the cost of labor, but also hindered the entry of PAR, affecting plant growth.

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