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The application and development in the plastic masterbatch

The application and development in the plastic masterbatch

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2020/03/17 11:42
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Masterbatch by a high proportion of pigments and additives and thermal plastic resin, the good dispersion of plastic colorants, the choice of resin of colorant with good wetting and dispersion, and coloring material has good compatibility.

Masterbatch by a high proportion of pigments and additives and thermal plastic resin, the good dispersion of plastic colorants, the choice of resin of colorant with good wetting and dispersion, and coloring material has good compatibility. It has the advantages of excellent coloring effect, convenient for automatic measurement and transportation, energy conservation, no dust, no pollution, etc., in the application of plastic, paint and other materials in the application of.


The development of Color Masterbatch

Other countries in the region of masterbatch annual demand growth rate of about 7% - 9%, our country of masterbatch annual demand growth rate is about 20%. Expected demand will become China masterbatch's fastest growing market. Especially color and add masterbatch, China must rely on imports. China has become the largest market in Asia masterbatch production and consuming countries. At present, there are more than 400 color masterbatch in China production enterprises, mainly distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Hebei and Tianjin provinces, they belong to various industrial systems, which in more than 1000 tons annual production capacity of enterprises have more than 50 throughout all parts of the country. And the total demand of the masterbatch to 12 million T / A, the serious oversupply of production capacity, leading to widespread underemployment domestic masterbatch industry, market competition is very fierce. While many of these masterbatch manufacturers, superior quality is not much, and small and medium-sized enterprises and individual enterprises occupy a large proportion. The serious oversupply of production capacity, in addition to excessive growth of production of new devices, products lack of orders and other factors; one of the most important factors is domestic masterbatch single product structure, breed is not whole, the universal products accounted for a large proportion, and high concentration and super high concentration, multifunctional colored Masterbatch and fine denier fiber masterbatch accounted for less proportion. In contrast, color masterbatch technology level is higher, pigment, dispersing agent and other raw materials varieties complete, has formed a series of specialization and product structure. Foreign Color Masterbatch Market mainly concentrated in Western Europe, North America and Japan, masterbatch production enterprise is multinational company or the world's top 500 enterprises, companies such as American Hanna, PoIyone, BASF, Hoechst, Switzerland Ciba geigy, Giarant etc., annual output in more than 100 million tons, the Western Europe accounted for more than 50%, the Hanna company annual sales reached 14 million tons.


The special application of titanium dioxide in the masterbatch


Masterbatch development speed is very quick, coupled with the masterbatch has the advantages of simple production process, less investment currently hundreds of domestic Masterbatch Factory, production scale, technical level is uneven, small, dozens of tons of annual capacity, the tens of thousands of tons, product competition is becoming increasingly fierce, production enterprise profit is decreased, most masterbatch products quality is low. According to incomplete statistics for masterbatch production of titanium dioxide each year 2 to 3 million tons, the rutile divided into high, medium and low gear, high-grade imported rutile, mid-range domestic rutile, low-grade domestic anatase titanium dioxide. China the largest color eye grain production company Huizhou sun god chemical, using imported titanium dioxide production of masterbatch mainly for export, domestic production of titanium dioxide masterbatch to meet the domestic market. Because of the fierce competition, the use of anatase titanium dioxide masterbatch is increasing. 


Masterbatch production process, there are several, such as pigment, resin, dispersing agent, pigment volume and other additives, high-speed mixer twin-screw machine squeeze excellent masterbatch masterbatch is used as industrial raw materials, performance advantages and disadvantages is usually manifested in the subsequent product application. Therefore, performance of the titanium dioxide in the eyes color grain is mainly embodied in the application process of the masterbatch. Is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1) titanium coloring ability: Decision amount of titanium dioxide color to use the same plastic products Macau Casino, always Bo Entertainment City, 2 Entertainment City; 2) titanium dioxide Whiteness: determine the appearance of titanium dioxide content in the same light (white) plastic products; 3) titanium dioxide dispersion: influence color grain production cost and plastic products appearance, gloss and other indicators; 4) titanium processing performance: influence of masterbatch production costs.


No standard use standard paint pigment masterbatch

Is the raw material of pigments, masterbatch. The quality of pigment quality directly influences Color Masterbatch, masterbatch and quality directly affect the quality of plastic products. In other words, plastic products of Color Masterbatch, masterbatch of pigment is required. This includes safety, thermal stability, light resistance and weathering resistance, acid and alkali resistance, migration resistance, chemical resistance. But with the pigment masterbatch has not the national standard, has been used for pigment coating standard, so after 30 years.

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