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Asia's largest producer of the title for China Masterbatch

Asia's largest producer of the title for China Masterbatch

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2020/03/17 11:40
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From the China Dyestuff Industry Association Professional Committee of masterbatch learned that, after a five - year plan of development and our country become Asia masterbatch first output powers.

From the China Dyestuff Industry Association Professional Committee of masterbatch learned that, after a five - year plan of development and our country become Asia masterbatch first output powers.


 ‘11th Five-Year ’ during the period, our country masterbatches industry showed vigorous development trend. & rdquo; China Dyestuff Industry Association Color Masterbatch professional committee secretary general qiaohui told reporters that with the development of plastic products in China in recent years, masterbatch production from 2006 began a Mengjin. 2006 production of 300 thousand tons, in 2008 production has nearly 500 thousand tons, in 2009 the output of up to 600 thousand tons, the output value of more than 10 billion yuan. ‘ &rsquo, 11th Five-Year; masterbatch production annual growth rate remained above 20%, much higher than the global average.


 According to the statistics of the country about Color Masterbatch, color masterbatch business 4500. 14 manufacturers of special committee of masterbatch, which are representative of more than 230 enterprises statistics, the annual output of more than 10000 tons, the total output of more than 27 million tons, accounting for nearly 50% of the total output; yield in 3000 ~ 8000 tons of Masterbatch Factory have 43, total capacity of 20 million tons, accounting for 30% of total output; yield in 1000 ~ 2800 tons of manufacturer is 66, total output of 10 million tons, accounted for 13%; yield less than 1000 tons of manufacturers a total of 106, production of only 4 million tons, its share in the total output of less than 7%. & ldquo; prior to 2006, the yield in tons or more enterprises is defined as large enterprises, and now has been the emergence of a batch production in million tons of enterprises.”Said the.

Qiao Hui also pointed out that at present domestic masterbatch with foreign products still exist certain gap, mainly manifested in the varieties of a single, development new product technical force is relatively weak, most products only in low-end disorderly competition, in response to the international environmental protection laws and regulations passive. 


 “The 12th Five-Year”During the color masterbatch industry on the one hand to enhance competitiveness from the aspects of technical, on the other hand to and upstream raw materials industry strengthen communication, to jointly cope with the international environmental directives and ecological safety standards requirements to get rid of and not strong situation, adapt to the market of the future need to.”Said the.

it is understood, because of the potential market optimistic about the Chinese market masterbatch products, color masterbatch production in the past few years of multinational companies in the world have in Shanghai, Guangdong and other places in the form of sole proprietorship or joint venture factories. Moreover, foreign enterprises occupy the high-end market, so although the proportion of its production is not high, but still dominate the Chinese market discourse.


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