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Why plastic masterbatch so high requirements for the product

Why plastic masterbatch so high requirements for the product

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2020/03/31 14:14
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With today's & ldquo; high performance plastic materials & rdquo; promotion and popularization, requirements of Masterbatch plastic products not only stay in the & ldquo; coloring & rdquo; this level,

With today's & ldquo; high performance plastic materials & rdquo; promotion and popularization, requirements of Masterbatch plastic products not only stay in the & ldquo; coloring & rdquo; this level, many of the plastics industry, depending on the product itself, for color masterbatch is also presented the corresponding requirements, which makes to masterbatch producer according to the market and application, developed series with multiple complex function masterbatch products. That is to say, masterbatch products, plastic coloring the function based on, according to the application of plastic products, while also providing to the plastic products such as & ldquo; Aging & rdquo; & ldquo; heat-resistant & rdquo;, & ldquo; antibacterial & rdquo;, & ldquo; enhance & rdquo; the characteristics of the function. Below according to different black mother can provide the additional features to classification to elaborate in our real life, black masterbatch which industrial applications provide irreplaceable help.

  One, UV protection function automobile manufacturing: Nowadays plastic has been widely used in the automotive industry. In the car 's interior and exterior trim, such as piano baking varnish like pretty console, Yaguang fake leather dashboard, sturdy and ceiling to the bumper, can not be separated from the contribution of black masterbatch. It not only provides to above automotive interiors with superior color performance. At the same time, as the most commonly used ultraviolet absorption material. It also with its own characteristics as plastic parts of automobile protection umbrella, prevent ultraviolet damage to these beautiful parts of the car. Urban construction pipes and agricultural irrigation pipe: now carried out in full swing of the urban pipe network transformation and the country put forward the agricultural irrigation energy-saving emission reduction projects, masterbatch is also widely used industry. Such as municipal water supply pipe, gas pipe, and the western region of agricultural water-saving drip irrigation pipe, etc.. Masterbatch not only for these pipes provide to coloring performance, but also provide functions such as UV protection, antioxidant protection. Wire and cable industry: masterbatch is widely used in high voltage overhead power cable, communication cable and optical fiber cable and other cable plastic sheath material the antioxidant and anti UV effect. Geosynthetics: color masterbatch is also widely used in laying the highway earthwork cloth and geotechnical grille industry to anti ultraviolet, increase the lifetime of the geotextile material use.   

  Second, electrostatic protection function of electronic and electrical appliances manufacturing: for the microelectronics industry, the existence of electrostatic is extremely harmful, it can breakdown capacitor damage electronic circuit board, if not properly handled will even for short circuit caused by fire and other hazards. We can use the black mother of the pigment — -“ carbon black ” with the conductivity, from the fundamental solution to the problem of electrostatic hazards. For example, the use of plastic pallets and conductive carrier tape, their production is through the addition of sufficient amount of conductive black mother, to obtain the requirements of the ESD performance, thereby protecting the safety of electronic components. Mining industry: similarly, in the process of mining, the harm of static electricity is even greater, it is caused by the culprit of gas explosion, so many underground facilities are electrical conductivity is required, but the vast majority of plastic are not conductive, by adding conductive black mother, so that these conductive plastic has conductivity, thus avoiding the electrostatic hazards, to achieve the purpose of safe production. , of course, in addition to the above application, black mother and a variety of other way, for example, people use carbon black pigment excellent covering power, in the process of recycled plastics, add black mother to cover other colors, so as to achieve the purpose of waste utilization and conservation of resources. Again such as people with carbon black high Zuguang characteristics for production of milk film, it blocks the sun, achieve quasi optical decomposition, to protect the milk, so that he can be stored for a long time. Black mother in the plastic industry and its extensive application, and our lives are closely related. And with the development of the plastic industry in China in recent years, masterbatch industry also made gratifying achievements in development. At the same time, people also gradually consciousness to it for processing of plastic, like a gluttonous feast of DPM, played a role can not be ignored, although the amount is less, but is also a and pull the body.

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