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The role of masterbatch in plastic bottle

The role of masterbatch in plastic bottle

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2020/03/17 11:47
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A new type of color masterbatch is on the use of performance and function, to show good value in use in the production of plastic bottles. 

A new type of color masterbatch is on the use of performance and function, to show good value in use in the production of plastic bottles. This new type of masterbatch can make plastic bottle with aluminum gloss appearance, according to reports, the material of the luster and texture and metal is very similar, but at a lower cost. New color masterbatch in production of plastic bottles is the embodiment of good, the plastic bottle has good luster, in appearance has certain advantages, guaranteed to produce good effect in use.

 Add masterbatch can ensure the plastic bottle gloss and appearance of the users has good effect in use. Masterbatch can not only add to the plastic bottle, can also be added to other substances, increasing the performance and the value of raw materials.
  Because of the color masterbatch using Formula X PET technology, the product without pre drying, can be directly fed into the extruder. New color masterbatch can provide metal color, including deep purple, blue and green, green color, lemon yellow, yellow lead and lake blue. If the mold polishing processing, or add to the gloss of the resin, such as pet or HDPE, agglomerate effect will be more obvious. In addition, the color can also be added to the material of PP, PS, PC, ABS and nylon etc.. These problems, a very important reason is some veterinary station (hospital) and individual treatment clinics and rural veterinary medical staff safety awareness is not strong, low quality, the training, guidance and education is not enough, ignoring the relevant provisions, random discarded animal use medical waste, resulting in veterinary medical waste outflows. Another reason is that the authorities in charge of the first level of poor supervision or disregard. In addition, many farmers lack of awareness of self protection and good health habits, on their own or other people used syringes and other medical waste is not timely and reasonable treatment.

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