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Dongguan Meidi Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. is a professional on behalf of off color, the plastic pump tablets, plastic enterprises to build color department, production of PP, PE, Po, PC, ABS, PS special masterbatch, business pearl powder, luminous powder, the original plastic pigment, dye company. The company mainly engaged in products:

Contains: White Masterbatch, black masterbatch, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, color masterbatch, black mother, white mother cooling masterbatch, masterbatch opening, antistatic masterbatch, anti-aging masterbatch, antireflective masterbatch, aroma agglomerate, anti UV masterbatch, green color masterbatch masterbatch (pigment) series products.
Toner (pigment) series of products include: organic pigment, inorganic pigment, solvent dyes, fluorescent pigments, pearlescent pigments, fluorescent whitening agent, widely used in plastics, paints, coatings, printing ink, textile, leather, paper, building materials, stationery and other profession. Meidi pigment company operating domestic and imported toner and products available.

1.Organic pigment

The common character of organic pigments are obvious color, bright, strong coloring, distributed function excellent resistant metastatic good measure, is resistant to heat and light is a bit poor, but with the opening of new high-grade organic pigments and in coloring plastics, organic pigment is used more and more widespread, Maddie organic series of products available.

2. inorganic pigments

Inorganic pigment is usually metal oxides, sulfides, sulfates, chromates, molybdates as salts and carbon black, because of its production in natural. Therefore, it is better heat resistance, light and no metastatic, strong coverage, for any of the plastics, the defect is bright color display and tinting strength is poor, the cadmium pigments containing lead which is harmful to human body. Therefore it cannot be used in children's toys. Meidi inorganic pigments, most of the after EN71-3, scale of Europe.

 3.fluorescent pigments

Fluorescent pigment commonly used in the soft rubber products, and fluorescent dye compatibility, have enough thermosetting qualitative and chemical fixation of, does not produce transfer, but due to the fluorescent pigment color agents that are sensitive to UV light, light is poor. So it is necessary to elevation fluorescent pigment lightfastness, shall participate in the UV absorbing agent, desirable results to succeed.

4.metal pearlescent pigment

Metallic pigments are the most commonly used gold and silver powder, and the adoption of gold and silver powder coloring, can make plastic products like metal products, gold and silver powder coloring effect for particles of different thickness to establish totally different results, the more fine particles, which was stronger force, but the gold powder will make polyolefin plastic class speed should be given careful application of thermal aging. Wei Chang series of mica pearlescent pearlescent pigment, is a titanium dioxide coated mica, has excellent weatherability, and showed excellent results as the new development of pearl, pearl pigment also opened the pearly Colored Pearl is disturbed, after the thickness of the TiO2 layer was restrained to implement ferric oxide.

5.Bright fluorescent dyes

Excellent fluorescent transparent dye series chromatography are available, the tender and beautiful colors bright, tinting strength strong light and heat resistance quality and according to the needs of a variety of products, you want to get the various shades, make your products more beautiful and colorful.
Fluorescent transparent dye series general used everywhere in all kinds of plastic (such as PS, ankylosing spondylitis (as), ABS, PMMA, PA, PC, pet, PBT, RPVC), and modifying data, printing ink, plastics, color masterbatch coloring, for polyester, coloring of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and puree, fluorescent dyes insoluble in water, dissolve in organic solvent, and in the use of the cope with every kind of is continuance, and pre - be sure to try the dyeing effect is suitable for manufacturing technique request.
The use of fluorescent dye colorant in PP, PE in the dose should not exceed the 0.02%.

Dongguan Meidi Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. products widely used in plastic, leather, handicrafts, cosmetics, toys, and other industries, and give the industry products to the charming and elegant appearance color. We always pursue its high quality and stable quality, reasonable price, fast service, flexible management concept, complete product variety, sophisticated technical consulting, Meidi truly become plastic, leather, handicrafts, cosmetics, toys etc. industry the best partners.